We are a team of results-oriented consultants who train organizations to think and act swiftly and creatively--to capture market opportunity and cost savings, and optimize human capital.

We deliver leadership and innovation as strategic advantage

Renowned business author Peter Drucker once said,

"Business has only two basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results. All the rest are costs."

Our work at Clarity Concepts focuses on enhancing individuals' and organizations' capabilities in the areas of leadership, innovation and managing risk. It is our belief that if you can systematically harness the power of creative ideas which come from your employees (and partners, suppliers, customers, et al.), your organization will enjoy a profound strategic advantage. If you have a proven, contemporary set of leadership tools then you can manage risk and navigate virtually any economic or competitive challenges. 

We deliver results in...

Innovation consulting: accelerating the power of group creativity through market-driven methodologies including: rapid-prototyping of products and services, ethnography, interactive consumer research worksessions, advanced visioning tools
RESULT: high-performing teams, a wealth of new ideas, producing cost savings and market opportunity in a short time

Risk management: 25 years of experience in outsourced Risk Management consulting to multinationals and manufacturing firms resulting in best-in-class coverage, broker relationships and cost management. We also have extensive Expert Witness experience in Risk & Insurance litigation and legal research. 
RESULT: significant cost savings; outsourced Risk department function; optimization of coverage; robust Expert testimony

Individual and team-based leadership tools: enhancing the individualís vision and confidence in the framework of innovation and the new leadership
RESULT: innovative leadership skills delivered through coaching and interactive group worksessions, to achieve optimal skills-transfer and retention. Our results show that through the widespread use of these leading methodologies for innovation, our client organizations will generate cost-savings ideas, new products, and new service offerings quickly and with tangible results--placing them ahead of the competition at every turn.

Nonprofit Development Consulting: 15 years of hands-on experience with Arts and Educational nonprofits nationwide. Free campaign audit upon request. We optimize annual-fund and public-phase Capital campaign performance by optimizing the effectiveness of phone-mail and direct marketing solicitations. Our staff has worked with major orchestras, theatres, museums and universities throughout the U.S.
RESULT: professional solicitations, optimized lead management, improved average gift, high-performing campaigns